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Schooly maps

Post by h8me on Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:52 am

first off, I'm no good at making maps so I hope some of you other players that come here are willing to give it a try.
I've noticed that almost always the same maps get played in schoolies so I was hoping some of you out there with the skill and urge to make maps would make some. I'm thinking of maps for 4vs4/5vs5 or maybe even 6vs6. Most maps in schoolies are played when we find 6-8 players but seeing as the community is apparently getting bigger (or so it seems) I think we can expect more players to get RS access. This means we have more ppl to play schooly with and playing the same maps over and over gets a bit boring (I imagine it's the same in CMs but as I don't play them I can't be bothered with maps for them Razz) so map-makers, roll up your sleeves, order a pizza and have 2L of cola ready if you're up for the task.
I'll be uploading the maps to w00tsquad and pink RS for ppl to test and play.

*Zip the maps or they aren't accepted as an upload
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I am a Babo in real life!

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