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Clan Rosters

Post by Mnk on Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:15 pm

Post a new thread in this forum with your clan roster if you would like to have a complete list. The title of the thread should be your clan name.

The following code is recommended.

[b]Clan Name:[/b]

[b]Clan Tag:[/b]

[b]Clan System:[/b]

[b]Recruitment Status:[/b]


[b]Active members:[/b]

When your clan dies, let us (Anette) know, so we (she) can remove it from the section.
Your clan-roster will be removed from the section if you are too inactive on forum which means your roster isn't up-to-date.
If a roster is removed by mistake, pm an admin (Anette or mnk) and we will get it back for you.
If you want your clan thread cleaned from spam, let us (Anette) know so we (she) can clean it
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