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Post by Devil on Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:32 am

First of all, for those who don't know or can't remember, I used to use knives over shield, before when I used to play with the old dmg.
This thread comes to complete or at least try and give a different point of view from the one Gero gave in Shield of Significance (which btw G, you can do better than that Evil or Very Mad ).

Ehm, now on to the knife.
This is not really about where to use it (att/def) because we have several examples of good players using either one on both sides. Some might say it's better to use one in a certain place, some in another, but it really is about the way you play and think, and consequently the way your team plays together.

Knives give you the edge in att, but only if you manage to get close enough. It is certanly helpful when going against a wave of attacking players as you try and protect the flag carrier because you can inflict more damage and kill faster.
As a knife player, you will focus a lot on dodging as you cannot afford to get much damage, and you will certanly be much more careful about being flamed because if you get a full flame and there is no hp near, you will eventually die. However this is not always bad, because with time you will eventually learn a couple of things and become quite good at dodging.
In a certain way it also depends on what kind of enemies you are fighting against (more or less agressive) and on what map you are playing on, and of course of the type of game (ffa or ctf).

Once you get to master knifing, you will find it useful in a number of situations, and know when to use it on unsuspecting enemies which might think they are far enough.
(It might happen a lot for some to think that they are far enough, or for them to dodge to close or to the wrong side and give you an open for knifing.)
For different kinds of weapons there is a different timming to use knife, depending on the recoil, and mastering that will take a lot of enemies by surprise.

For example, fighting against a knife using sniper with a good aim, can be a nightmare, because you can't stand too far or he'll shoot you, and you can't come too close or he'll knife you. (think about how annoying Nath is and you'll get it)

All in all, I would advise new players to try both knife and shield and learn the advantages/disadvantages for each and choose the one that suits their playing style better. I'm sure there will be plenty of times you wish you would have knives instead of shield and vice-versa, but it's up to you and your personal experience to decide which one will make you a more effective player, and for that, I strongly recommend you experience and learn them both.
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