.+|+. 3v3 Babo Tourney .+|+.

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.+|+. 3v3 Babo Tourney .+|+.

Post by GODY on Wed Apr 13, 2011 3:46 am

Hello I amthinking of ceating a one-day babo tourney, 3v3 matches, 8 teams and one winner!!! if we can get enough teams to apply to this tourney, it can take place on germany sand.

The first match will be played at GMT +0 06:00pm, then the 2nd match at 06:15 and so on.

Registartions can be applied in on this post below, pls enter your teams of 3, remember only 8 teams can take part so it is first come first serve.

Good luck!!! Exclamation

Medium Babo
Medium Babo

Location : England
Clan : The Intentionz

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