America's Army 3

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America's Army 3

Post by fiby on Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:10 am

America's Army 3

this this game is a ego-shooter which is more realistic then all other games.

its not just a shooter game. you need your brain more then in babo. you have a mission and when you die you need wait for a new respawn till all your teammates or the mission is fnished (won or lose). maybe you guys think that it is boring. well play it it isnt.

At first you wont be able to play this game because you need fnish some training that gives you the acess to play online (mulitplayer). the most newcomers die really fast because they try to play like in modern warfare. you die and you dont know where the enemy was. (like in real war Razz )

you can watch the trailer:

if you have question, feel free to ask. Smile

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